6.9" Single Side Polished Kambaba Jasper - Madagascar

This is a beautiful Kambaba Jasper specimen with one face polished, found in Madagascar. It is 6.9" tall and has dark circular mineral formations throughout the jasper. The base has been cut flat so that it displays nicely on a hard surface and would be suitable as either an indoor or outdoor decorative piece.

Kambaba jasper and crocodile jasper are trade names for a greenish rhyolitic (volcanic) rock found in the west-central Bongolava region of Madagascar. It is full of blackish orbs consisting of small Amphibole needles that some people say resemble amphibian eyes, hence the name "crocodile jasper". There is a common misconception that Kambaba Jasper is a stromatolite, however this is incorrect as it is volcanic in origin. Despite the misconceptions it is a beautiful decorative stone when polished.
Quartz, Pyroxene & Alkali Feldspar Conglomerate
Tsiroanomandidy, West-Central Bongolava, Madagascar
6.9" tall, 6.3" wide, 3.3" deep