2.4" New Odontopleurid Trilobite From Jorf - Only One Known!

Here is a fantastic, new Odontopleurid trilobite from Jorf, Morocco. It's the only one of this type that I've seen or heard about. It's exquisetly preserved with long flowing spines and two very long spines coming strait up off the occipital ring and first axial ring. The trilobite is 2.4" long including the spines and has been wonderfully prepared. The last segment was slightly shifted and was moved back into place during preparation, but otherwise there is no restoration.

Trilobites are collected from a 15m thick section about 6km NW of Jorf, Morocco. Unlike many other localities that rocks do not have distinct deposition layers, but rather are massive. They likely represent a gigantic "mud mound" that form at the base of a volcanic island due to mud slides. The rock is very silicified, almost like a chert and can be quite colorful. The actual shell of the trilobites is translucent so that the trilobite tends to be the color of the rock below.

Because the rock contains a large amount of silica, it is extremely hard, and preparing trilobites from the site is difficult as the rock does not separate well from the shell. Within the 15m section only about 2m has been heavily collected, so occasionally this site will produce some extremely rare and one of a kind specimens collected in float from the other layers.

A view of the collecting locality NW of Jorf, Morocco
A view of the collecting locality NW of Jorf, Morocco

Collecting trilobites at the Jorf locality in 2015
Collecting trilobites at the Jorf locality in 2015
Undescribed Odontopleurid
Jorf, Morocco
Bou Tchrafine Formation
2.4" long (including spines)
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