1.25" Fossil Leaf (Lomatia) - Green River Formation, Colorado

This is a 1.25" fossil Lomatia leaf from the Green River Formation of Colorado. It is in good condition and shows the primary and secondary venation. Lomatia is an evergreen flowering plant that today lives predominantly in the southern hemisphere. This is the family that includes macadamia nut trees.

While the Green River Formation is best know for its fish fossils, other areas produce incredible plant fossils.

Comes with an acrylic stand.

A note on Green River leaf identifications. There are over 60 described leaf bearing plants from this formation, many of which have very similar leaves. We've done our best to provide identifications based on the resources available to us, but are not paleobotany experts, so we can not guarantee that all will be 100% correct.
Lomatia coloradensis
Green River Formation
1.25" leaf, 2.4 x 1.6" shale
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