2.2" Green Titanite (Sphene) and Muscovite Association - Pakistan

This is a 2.2" wide specimen of lustrous yellow-green titanite (sphene) crystals that formed in association with micro muscovite crystals. This specimen was collected from the Tormiq Valley in the Haramosh Mountains of Pakistan.

Titanite is a calcite titanium nesosilicate with the chemical formula CaTiSiO5. It is a relatively rare mineral and has applications as both a gemstone and as a minor source of titanium ore. As a gemstone, titanite is known as "sphene" and exhibits an excellent light dispersion superior to that of cut diamonds. Dependent on impurities, titanite can bare a variety of colors including brown, black, green, grey or yellow, with rarely occurring orange, pink or red crystals. Some of these impurities that can effect the color of titanite include aluminum, chromium, sodium, magnesium and manganese, and in rare cases rare elements such as cerium, niobium, and yttrium.

Titanite & Muscovite
Tormiq Valley, Haramosh Mts., Gilgit-Skardu Rd., Pakistan
2.2 x 2"