Wholesale Lot of Blastoid Fossils On Shale - 24 Pieces

While we are almost exclusively a retail seller of fossils and minerals, on occasion acquire large quantities of certain material at steep discounts to typical wholesale prices. This leaves us with an excess amounts of certain types of material or items we don't typically sell. We are in the process of listing a limited quantity of this material for sale at wholesale prices by the box, flat or weight.

This is a wholesale flat of 24 Pentremites godoni Blastoids.. These blastoids are Upper Mississipian in age and were collected in St Clair County, Illinois. They are all meticulously prepared using air abrasives and still attached to the rock that they were found in. You will receive the exact flat of material pictured.

Pentremites godoni
St. Clair County, Illinois
Ridenhower Formation
Range in size from .25" long to .75"