.8" Yellow-Green Autunite Crystal Cluster - Hunan, China

This is a small cluster of yellow-green autunite crystals that was collected from the Nanjingqiao U deposit of Hunan, China. Under short and long wave UV, these crystals exhibit brilliant lime green-yellow fluorescence.

Autunite is a yellow-green phosphate mineral that often forms in fan-like masses or as tabular crystals. It is classified as a hydrated calcium uranyl phosphate, containing uranium as a property of its chemical formula. Most autunite specimens are highly fluorescent.

While autunite does in fact contain uranium, its risk level is considered low since there is only a small amount of uranium that makes up the crystal. That being said, autunite can lose water and convert to meta-autunite. That, along with the uranium content is enough incentive to store specimens in closed containers and away from direct contact with other minerals.
Nanjingqiao U deposit, Pingjiang County, Yueyang, Hunan, China
.8" wide