6.5" Polished, Apple-Green Gaspeite Slab - Western Australia

This is a vibrantly colored slab of gaspeite from Widgiemooltha in Western Australia. It's been cut and on one side, polished to a mirror like finish. Comes with an acrylic display stand.

During the course of a nickel mining operation near Widgimooltha, this gaspeite was unearthed. Being an exceptionally high grade nickel ore, it was stockpiled for later treatment. Eventually portions of this stockpiled gaspeite was abandoned and the rights to it were sold to an American gemstone dealer.

Gaspeite is a nickel carbonate that's chemically interchangeable with magnesium or iron, and has the chemical formula (Ni,Mg,Fe)CO3. It's considered rare and has a distinct yellow-green coloration. It's primarily found on the market cut and polished into slab form.
Widgiemooltha, Western Australia
6.5" long, 3.7" wide, .3" thick