3.1" Magnesium Aluminum Phosphate (Variscite) Section - Australia

This is a polished section of green variscite, collected near the Woodlands Cattle Station in the Goscoyne region of Western Australia. One side is polished to a mirror like finish, and it comes with an acrylic display stand.

Variscite (which is closely related to turquoise) is a secondary mineral formed by direct deposition from phosphate-bearing water that has reacted with aluminium-rich rocks in a near-surface environment. It occurs as fine-grained masses in nodules, cavity fillings, and crusts. Variscite often contains white veins of the calcium aluminium phosphate mineral crandallite. It is sometimes confused with turquoise; however, variscite is usually greener in color.

Woodlands Cattle Station, Goscoyne, Australia
3.1x1.7", up to .95" thick