Wholesale Lot: Kidney Ore (Botryoidal Hematite) - 31 Pieces

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This is a wholesale lot of 31 shiny metallic specimens of Kidney Ore (botryoidal hematite) from the Safi Province of Morocco.

At the wholesale price, each specimen is about $2.10 and they can easily sell for many times that. These are perfect for gifts, educational usage, or for resale.

Hematite is a mineral form of iron oxides and major iron ore. It is harder, but more brittle than pure iron and colors can range from black, to steel gray, to brown to red. There are many different forms of it and the botryoidal variety is commonly referred to as Kidney Ore.

The globular, bubbly shape of Kidney Ore is a result of layered growth around a nuclei such as a speck of sand or dust. As more material is deposited, the spheres grow larger and eventually overlap with those that are nearby. These nearby spheres are then fused together to form the botryoidal cluster.
Irhoud Mine, Safi Province, Morocco
2.1 - 3.3" wide