Unique 10.1" Petrified Palm Wood (Palmoxylon) Slab - Burma

This is an exceptionally well preserved, polished, slab of Burmese petrified palm wood (Palmoxylon) The vascular bundles under magnification are fascinating and not quite like other palms seen from Asia. The color contrast in the gemstone that preserved this fossil really makes the structure of the trunk stand out in incredible detail. The polishing work is extremely well done with no dull spots or scuff marks.

This Burmese petrified palm wood has a unique, twisted appearance. The pores seem to twist around the center of the specimen.

Comes with an acrylic display stand.

Petrified palmwood includes a group of fossil woods that contain rod-like structures within the regular grain of the silicified or agatized wood. Depending upon the angle at which they are cut, these structures show up as spots, tapering rods, or continuous lines. The rod-like structures are sclerenchyma bundles that comprise part of the woody tissues that gave the wood its vertical strength.
Palmoxylon (Palm Wood)
Myanmar, Burma
10.1x4.6", 5/8" thick
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