Rare, 2.6" Fossil Carboniferous Goniatite (Imitoceras) - Indiana

This is 2.6" wide Fossil goniatite (Imitoceras) from the Rockford Limestone of Jackson County, Indiana. This rare specimen is in very good condition. The outer shell is gone leaving the intricate patterns of the inner shell sutures. This specimen is from an old collection and has a painted label.

This ammonite comes out of an old fossil collection we recently purchased with a lot of unique material from unusual and often no longer accessible sites.

Goniatites possessed a shell which was divided internally into chambers filled with gas for buoyancy. An open chamber at the front of the shell provided living space for the animal. The general morphology and habit of goniatites was probably similar to that of their later relatives the ammonites, being free swimming and possessing a head with two well developed eyes and arms.

Imitoceras rotatorium
Jackson County, Indiana
Rockford Limestone
2.6" Wide
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