Large 2.9" Huntonia Lingulifer - Rarer Species!

This is an amazingly detail Huntonia lingulifer trilobite from the famous Black Cat Mountain in Oklahoma. It was collected and prepared by the master himself Bob Carroll this past year.

Huntonia lingulifer is MUCH rarer than the other species of Huntonia in the same horizon at Black Cat Mountain. Less than one in ten of the Huntonia's found are lingulifer, so on average there may only be a single good complete specimen found each year. One of the main characteristics that separate it from the other species of Huntonia at the locality is the much longer pygidial (tail) spine.

Huntonia lingulifer is typically much smaller than the other species of Huntonia, so at 2.9" long this specimen is huge for the species. It has wonderful eye facet preservation and the right genal spine shows evidence of a HEALED INJURY. They don't get much nicer than this.
Huntonia lingulifer
Black Cat Mountain, Clarita, Oklahoma
Haragan Formation
2.9" long
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