21.5" Wide Woolly Mammoth Lower Jaw With M3 Molars

This is a 21.5" wide, lower jaw of a mammoth complete with a pair of beautifully preserved M3 molars still in place. It would have come from an adult or near adult animal and the molars each measure about 10" long. It comes with a custom display stand. It was recovered from the 20-50k year old North Sea deposits that produce a huge quantity of well preserved bones of ice aged mammals.

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The gravel deposits along the Rhine River used to produce a large number of Pleistocene fossils while quarrying for gravel aggregate. They have become much harder to come by in recent years as the quarry operations have become more mechanized and the fossils are often destroyed in the process.
Mammuthus primigenius
River Rhine, Germany
21.5" wide, 13" tall, 15" deep, 21" tall on stand
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